Les Palettes du Kamer, an association of Cameroonian visual artists has been created in order to promote the local creation and initiate different kind of activities developing the contemporary visual art practice.

Founded in 2004, Les Palettes du Kamer is a framework for research, analysis, exchanges, sharing, dating and valuation of all aspects of visual arts.

It is the hub of African cultural values advocated by young artists motivated with an ardent desire of dialogue and international collaboration. We are really open to the multiplicity of mediums and art expressions. We are constantly looking for innovative actions and art works including new forms of languages.


The main occupation of our association is actually the RAVY biennale, that is the key instrument on the implementation of our goals.


Artistic coordination

Serge Olivier Fokoua (Director)
Landry Mbassi (Assistant)



Michel Bitimbhe

Ruth Lois Feukoua



Thierry Fotso

Yana Mbassi


Press officer

Martin Anguissa

Martial Ngu?a



Martin Baasch

Jean Voguet